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Process and Integration Platform

Link-IT is a Process and Integration platform that puts your Business Logic in the center and makes it available to rapid changes and to continous improvements.

Read about Link-IT for the media- and broadcast-industry here.

Do you need Link-IT?

Are your IT-systems preventing your business from reaching its full potential?

Are  your IT-systems making it difficult to implement new or changed business logic?

Is it costly and takes to long to develop new functions in your IT-systems?

Have you given up LEAN because your IT-systems aren’t up to it?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the above questions then Link-IT is something for you.


Link-IT ties together systems and persons in efficient processes

Let Link-IT automate your processes

Link-IT is a general platform that works for most industries.

Two tier process architecture

With Link-IT two tier process architecture you get a great support in your effort to automate your processes.

The system aligns with your way of viewing upon your business. No more “reality need to adapt to another IT-system”.

Enhance your competitiveness with a system that allows your unique ideas to be realized and implemented..



The future uses systems with deep functionality and ties them together by using supervising systems such as Link-IT.

Use the systems you prefer

With Link-IT you easily and cost efficient integrate your favourite systems and make them work as one.

Integration becomes a no-brainer

There was a time when integration of systems was something that everyone wanted to avoid.

This is not the case anymore

Select existing or new systems your organisation has target being the best. Govern them, manage them, optimize them and tie them together in various processes with the use of Link-IT.


Change is crucial in businesses that want to be competetive and stay ahead!

Work with Continous Improvements – LEAN!

Manage change smooth and efficient. Let your staff work with continuous improvements in a true sense. Don’t let your IT-systems prevent you from implementing LEAN in your organisation

Change your processes when you need and want to

It’s no longer acceptable that systems are allowed to prevent process improvements. Companies all over the world tries to find ways to improve services, deliveries, quality and have to be more cost efficient. Many times they find that IT-systems prevents them from carrying it out. The cost is too high and it takes too long to make it happen in their systems.

Link-IT is made for managing changes

We want to help companies to develop by providing them with a tool that facilitates their needs right away!


Link-IT was developed to manage context rather than just explicit requirements.
This creates a unprecedented flexibility!

Manage the unforeseen

Link-IT provides the users with extensive tools that allows them to manage unforeseen events without bringing in external consultants or having to redesign the process.

Reality is real!

Fact is, most processes can’t be 100% defined in a process-chart.
Reality can rarely be explicit described because you can’t describe what you don’t know.

Therefore most workflow- and BPM-projects becomes never ending stories in search for the perfect process-model.

We have a different approach to process-modelling and reality.

We accept that reality is full of unknown elements and have therefore empowered the users with tools to manage the unforeseen. 

We founded West Media Systems because we believe in the strength of software innovation and know how this can enhance your processes and business.

Our background is 20 years of helping companies get the best out of IT-systems. We are using all our experience and knowhow to build the best innovative tools for supervising and manage processes.
Our top priority has always been to specify and create solutions that are adaptive and most cost-efficient for our clients.

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